CNC Milling

CNC Milling

Currently we have 6 CNC YCM vertical machining centres ranging in size up to a maximum machining capacity of the 1524mm x 596mm x 584mm.

All our machines are fitted with measuring probes. TS three-dimensional touch trigger probes can be used to measure work pieces under program control, even between individual machining cycles – for example to compensate tool wear. The NC control can transmit the results of measurement through the data interface or use them for in-process control.

We can also offer the capability of 5th axis machining using our nikken 5 axis rotary.

Manual Milling
Currently we have 2 XYZ fixed turret machines and 1 DPM 5000 milling machine.

The introduction of our XYZ machines gives us the flexibility to reduce the workload on our CNC milling side but still achieve the quality required by the customer.

The DPM 5000 also gives us the ability to machine larger capacity.

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